Sustain Our planet enables environmentally conscious individuals and organizations to calculate, offset and reduce their carbon footprint. Previous offsets are saved in a "Green Account" to track overall progress
Green Schools Program

The Green Schools Program is an online teaching resource for kids and educators interested in learning and practicing techniques that help protect the planet.

This downloadable teaching resource contains green lesson plans, environmentally themed experiments, and green classroom activities on the carbon cycle, saving energy, recycling, and endangered animals.

All downloadable Green Schools content (including our unique EcoHero Program) compliments the National Standards set by the US Department of Education for Science, English and Art.

Calculate and Offset Your Carbon Footprint!

Sustain Our Planet is a green consulting company that specializes in carbon emissions analysis and carbon offsetting services for individuals, schools, governments, and businesses.


Calculate Carbon Footprint
Create a Green Account

Start by creating a free personal Green Account. Your Green Account allows you to calculate the amount of carbon emissions you contribute to the atmosphere for an individual activity, or for multiple activities over the course of a year. This is your carbon footprint.

Your Green Account helps you monitor your footprint, reduce your total emissions, and become carbon neutral.

Offset Carbon Footprint
Become Carbon Neutral

Carbon emissions are measured in tons. When you have identified your footprint, online credits can be purchased to help you offset it and become carbon neutral. These credits fund environmentally friendly initiatives (like planting trees) that offset pollution you create in your everyday life.

calculate your carbon footprint


Sustain Our Planet uses your credits to plant trees in areas of the world where they will make the greatest impact in combating climate change.

Calculate my Carbon Footprint
Green Business Consulting
Green Tips & Facts - Tip #40

Green Tips & FactsWhen buying wild fish such as tuna and marlin, make sure you choose fish caught by long lines rather than nets. This ensures that no dolphins or other aquatic species have been harmed to get you your dinner.

From 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet
- Floyd Esme
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