Sustain Our Planet is designed to help your business react responsibly to climate change.

Our consulting services calculate your organization's carbon footprint and monitor it's activities over time. In an age where corporate responsibility is key, as a carbon neutral company you send a message to your customers that you care about the environment and are committed to minimizing your impact on the planet.

Sustain Our Planet approaches each organization's sustainability goals in a unique way. Some of our clients start by simply identifying their footprint, while others feel more comfortable buying offsets to become carbon neutral.


As part of our consulting services, Sustain Our Planet is able to:

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of your organization
  • Research and evaluate environmental policies and procedures that apply to your organization
  • List step-by-step recommendations on how to improve and reduce your organization's carbon footprint
  • Provide guidance to management and employees about what a carbon footprint is, why it matters, and how every member of your staff can help reduce it
  • Provide marketing and advertising assistance to highlight and promote your organization as an environmentally responsible and sustainable business


When working with corporate clients, Sustain Our Planet uses carbon credits that have been produced as part of the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) program. This means that all credits you purchase to offset your carbon footprint are verified, registered, tracked, and approved on the carbon market. Your company will receive a certificate with information about the offsets you have purchased as part of our service.


For more information, you can browse through our materials on the sidebar of this page, or email us.

Green Business Consulting Guide Cover Page

Carbon Impact Assessment fact sheet

Corporate Consulting Services fact sheet

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