All over the United States, state, regional, and local governments are exploring policy initiatives that quantify, evaluate, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustain Our Planet and Artemel & Associates have teamed up to create the Sustainable Cities Program, a ground breaking partnership that provides municipalities a new way of looking at development proposals, with a direct focus on sustainability.

The Sustainable Cities Program provides regional and local governments with the opportunity to guide emissions reduction targets by identifying and projecting greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously creating land use and transportation plans aimed at greater efficiencies.


As part of the Sustainable Cities Program, Sustain our Planet and Artemel & Associates provide the following services:

  • Assist municipalities in adjusting General or Comprehensive Plans to help create compact developments that channel growth to activity centers, and where possible, include transit-oriented development
  • Help municipalities measure the GHG emissions of a new or existing project. Such measures are identifed and communicated via a Carbon Impact Analysis (see right for example report).
  • Identify and implement appropriate measures to help meet municipal reduction targets
  • Monitor and continually review the effectiveness of implemented programs to ensure goals associated with municipal reduction targets are achieved
  • Consistent approach that can be used across land uses and geographic areas
  • Tailored to local conditions
  • Ability to measure emissions reductions
  • Ability to measure "after the fact" savings

For more information, you can browse through our materials on the sidebar of this page, or email us.

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Sustainable Cities Guide

Carbon Impact Analysis

Sustainable Cities Consulting Services

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